Treldor (pop. 2 million), named after its founding king and being the second largest of the five, offers a lot to see and do. King Wilfrom IV is one of the more benign rulers, known for his tolerance and patience. The king’s younger brother is the example used for comparison. Sadistic and mean spirited, some say it is the prince’s evil nature that makes his brother’s rule seem welcoming. Thankfully, the king and queen have produced two sons and a daughter, and the king’s brother is spending his time working with the Iron Alliance.


The Couriers

Originally a group of royal messengers, this group is now a large independent guild controlling much of what happens on the trade routes. Merchants and traders are free to travel as they please, but if they want to hire guards for their goods, they better be guild members. Some say they are nothing more than glorified highwaymen, while others claim that they are not independent at all, but rather an order or special soldiers in service to the king, using a their power to collect taxes from trade while “providing security” in return. Still others claim that they have another purpose altogether, as spies or even assassins. Regardless of which theories are true, the remains that caravans traveling under the Courier banner are safest, though you will have to pay a fee.

The Unwanted

Wielders of natural magic need to be able to control and train their powers without giving their skills away to the general public, which considers them demons or at least possessed. The Unwanted is a secret organization of warlocks who seek out gifted wielders no matter their race, to teach them how to use their powers and how to hide amongst people. They will occasionally form temporary covens to take down serious threats to their interests, but is otherwise a very loosely organized group led by a grand master whose identity is secretly guarded. The Unwanted is not an acknowledged guild, but nevertheless recognized as a dangerous group not to be messed with. That said, known association of the Unwanted can expect all sorts of trouble from ignorant peasants and zealous Arcanum wizards alike.


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