The Treldor Historic Society

The Treldor Historic Society (THS) is a group of skilled warriors and casters who seek out treasures from old times in order to preserve them from destruction in an age of cultural and racial purity.

Historic Society Members

The Historic Society has gained some notoriety for being friendly towards Lessers, and indeed including them amongst their ranks. They are also known to have stood up to the Iron Alliance, which served as the military arm of The Cleansing.

The group was led by a man called Hegrin Camper, or as he was commonly referred to, the Patron. It has since been revealed that Hegrin worked for a mystery lady, always seen in the company of a large, hulking bodyguard. Hegrin was murdered in his home, after the Historic Society returned from breaking the Goodfish Curse.

The Historic Society was originally based out of the former home of Praegon the Necromancer. The building was rewarded to the society by the mayor’s office, for ridding Stormhaven of the corpse-stealing wizard, but has since been sold to a member of the Fisherman’s Guild.

This is not the only group hunting for historic artifacts and knowledge. There is an entire trade built around these precious items, mostly backed by eccentric nobles and merchants. There are teams of artifact hunters, such as The Dawn.

While most artifact hunters seek historic goods in order to sell them, THS was formed specifically to look for a certain artifact known as The Key. The members of THS were not aware of this at first. After Hegrin’s murder and severing ties with the mystery lady, THS later came into possession of The Key.

The Treldor Historic Society

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