The 5 Kingdoms

These nations lie on the east coast of a largely unexplored continent. The mainland, as far as has been discovered, offers all manner of hostilities, a few areas settled by feuding tribes of fierce warriors of several races. Trade between the civilized nations is mostly conducted along the coast and across the sea.

The Five Kingdoms were once part of an empire known as Corovia, which broke apart nearly 200 years ago, after several unsuccessful attempts at subjugating the mainland tribes, which eventually weakened the power of the emperor. When he and his entire bloodline was murdered, war broke the empire apart, and raged on until new nations were established. Legend has it, that there is ancient magic deep in the mainland, which somehow helped the tribes resist Corovia’s onslaught, and that this same magic was used to murder the emperor.

The Five Kingdoms (from North to South)

  • Treldor (2m, human dominated, farmland/forest)
  • Larrain (750k, mixed pop, mostly forest)
  • Pertogg (385k, dwarven, mountain/pass/mines)
  • Igrantis (600k, mixed pop, hills, farmland/quarries)
  • Corvanis (3m, mixed pop, farmland, gold)

The Five Kingdoms is merely the western part of what was the Corovian Empire, and there are other new nations across The Corovian Sea, once the eastern part of that same empire. Trade routes across the sea are still very active, though piracy has increased considerably since the fall of the empire. The seas are now patrolled by the navies of the individual kingdoms, as well as privateers.

Though they are independent nations, these kingdoms coexist peacefully for the most part, largely due to a shared philosophy of civilization and purity, ever since The Cleansing, some 70 years before present day.

The 5 Kingdoms also share the same pantheon of gods.

The 5 Kingdoms

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