The town of Stormhaven lies in the Theomark barony, in the kingdom of Treldor, part of The 5 Kingdoms. Stormhaven is the largest port town in the barony. It has around 4,000 year-round inhabitants, with a total population of up to 5,700 during peak season.

The harbor is the bread and butter of Stormhaven, fishing literally feeding the town year round (do avoid the Pooperfish, though), while the business of acting as a trade and transfer hub brings a steady flow of coin and visitors as well. There are numerous workshops that refine and process raw materials from elsewhere, turning them into higher value items that can be resold.

Stormhaven has a reputation for being an open minded town, welcoming of almost anyone. Even orcs have been to Stormhaven as visitors, on occasion. On one hand, this means a large variety of goods and services are available, but it is also dangerous place, where races mingle and blood boils hot. If you’re not careful, a pissed off halfling might slit your throat to steal your coin, or an unlicensed tiefling sorcerer might steal your heart, to perform some kind of demonic ritual.

On the surface, Stormhaven offers a plethora of trade goods, from pottery and salted fish, to silk, spices and jewelry. It is a vibrant trade port with colorful characters, visiting dignitaries and jolly entertainment. But there is an underbelly not far from that surface, where you will find plenty of back alley pit fights, cons and thievery, even underground slave trade, pirates and smugglers, and rumors of a high elf rogue, running a secret guild of assassins.

Power in Stormhaven

The town is ruled by baron Yoren Theomark VII but run by the mayor elect, Bertus Cords, and his council. The mayor is voted into power for 5 years at a time by those with a right to vote. Such a right is reserved for lawful charter-carrying guild members, licensed business owners, officers of the guard and those of noble blood and legal age, living within the township. The town council consists of a representative from each of the acknowledged guilds, plus one more person appointed by the baron directly. In Stormhaven, the appointed councillor is a steel-eyed wizard, named Sigra Valeza.

House Theomark, rulers of Stormhaven, have long been opponents of The Cleansing, though its inquisitors were still allowed to operate here during the height of it.

Townwide Factions

Fishermen’s Guild (500 members)

Controls half the harbor in town. No one fishes out of the local waters, if they are not guild members. No one serves, sells or eats fish that isn’t from a guild member. They guard nearby breeding grounds and fishing spots from outsiders with fast ships and trained crews, and manage lighthouses north and south of town.

Longshoremen’s Guild (500 members)

Controls half the harbor in town and deals with shipping of everything from passengers to goods. Any merchant that wishes to dock must pay the Longshoremen or be denied access. They also handle tax collection from merchants and traders, including those who arrive by land to sell at the market. Wholesale business is handled in the Longshoremen’s guild hall, which at times resembles a bazaar more than anything else.

The Master Crafters (700 members)

Controls everything related to craftsmanship in town, from minimum contract pricing and apprenticeships to maintaining and protecting sacred rites and knowledge associated with the crafts. The guild has a large hall near the market square, where members gather to pay tithing and share knowledge. Many a contract is negotiated here. The guild employs its own guards that patrol the crafters district and workshops of the crafters.

The Treldor Historic Society (<10 members)

A small group of collectors, seeking to gather and preserve historic artifacts, dating back to before the Cleansing. There are several theories on what their reasons are, though no one knows for sure. They are connected to the mayor of Stormhaven, and some say there are ties to The Arcanum as well. Either way, the true nature of the Historic Society remains a mystery. The group is led by Hegrin Camper, a retired adventurer.


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