There are 9 gods in the old pantheon, five of which also appear in the tribal mythology on the mainland: three are good, three neutral and three are evil. Between them, they hold the balance of the world and all of its powers. There are many stories of gods interfering with the people of the world, and tales of artifacts of great power, left behind after their visits. Their power are observed through their clerics, who gain magical powers through their worship, and act as agents of their gods in the mortal world.

The only religious organization is known as The Temples.

God, Realms, Alignments, Symbol

  • Idona / Frae* (F), Love, Birth, Spring, Renewal, NG, LG, CG, A heart made from leaves.
  • Lantira (F), Justice, History, Light, LG, LN, A golden morning star.
  • Cormo (M), Summer, Travel, Trade, NG, TN, CG, Intertwined wheels (wagon/ship)
  • Purus / Drok* (M), Fall, Hunting, Harvest, TN, NG, White stag on a red background.
  • Erum / Roc* (M), War, Storms, Steel, LN, LE, Crossed swords w. lightning
  • Wryna / Trace* (F), Death, Decay, Ruin, CN, TN, NE, Black skull w. yellow eyes
  • Tesh (M/F), Trickery, Betrayal, Revenge, LE, NE, CN, A coiled, jade snake
  • Molorus (M),Illness, Poison, Plague, NE, CE, CN, Four bones on top of each other
  • Mishta / Mala* (F), Winter, Starvation, Madness, CE, A white full moon on black
    (*Tribal name.)


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