Iron Alliance

An extremist group seeking to maintain the power balance and stability in the region, across borders and into the courts of the noble families, who themselves are involved with the faction. Many lower nobles work for the alliance, as it is a great way to earn influence (and wealth) for those who are not in line to inherit it. The main task is to ensure that humans and dwarves remain dominant.

The Iron Alliance is incredibly powerful and very exclusive. If you do not come from one of the noble families, you must already have amassed immense wealth to be considered as a knight in the order. That said, they do employ commoners for infantry and archery.

The Alliance is led by a secret Grand Master, has no official headquarters, but has a guild hall in every ruling city and certain major hubs of power. The order rose to power during the Age of Formation and played a pivotal role in Cleansing, where they swept the Five Kingdoms to purge it of Lessers.

Sigil: Two hammers crossed above an anvil, usually displayed as black on orange, sometimes red backgrounds.

Iron Alliance

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