One of the first known cities, Elderburg fell with the Corovian Empire, and now lies in ruin. It is unknown who founded the city, and why the placed it in the middle of the badlands, on the far western side of what is now Treldor. But the city was built downwards, into rich rock below.

Elderburg has had many names, and many inhabitants over the eons. It is uncertain who was first, but it was either the drow or the dwarves. It was even overrun by an army of unified orc tribes during imperial times, after which it became a city full of humans, dwarves, elves and many other races. During the war, Elderburg was destroyed by large fires set by the rebel forces, following the defeat of its defense.

The city has been explored and raided for treasure many times since the fall of the empire. Certain sections are still somewhat intact, while others have crumbled, leaving pockets here and there, where different creatures have moved in. Many of its treasures are still within the city, including a multitude of historic artifacts.

Elderburg is said to be haunted. It is also said the contain portals to other planes of existence, such as the Underworld. It is a place best avoided by ordinary people.


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