Directory of NPCs

Add any characters the party encounters here.

DECEASED: Hegrin – The late head of the historical. Found stabbed by a dagger in the heart in his own house in Stonewind and promptly cremated with little reason before any further investigation could occur.

Ingo Furtoes – The halfling head-of-household servant, formerly the acting caretaker of the house belonging to the Historic Society. After the sale of the house, the halfling continued the work of organizing Lessers in the name of the Treldor Historic Society.

Carla Blackfoot & Toby Tophill – the other two halfling staff formerly employed by the THS.

DECEASED: Silvius – Claims to be “the one who got away” and goes by ‘Sil’ at times. Claims to be a hired assassin to kill Paxton. Tall and slim character, carries a sword, wears a broad hat. Very flamboyant and claims to have his own rules for how he likes to kill his targets. Encountered first in Stonewind at the society’s house. Deceased at the Society’s hands, unfortunately without revealing his employer.

Borum Brass – Showed up at the society’s house in Stormhaven claiming to have urgent business with the society. Has not met any members of the society in person. Agent of the Shadow Council.

Julius Efferveld VII, lord of Deeprun – prominent member of the Shadow Council, rules jointly with his wife Yeselda. Removed from power by the Iron Alliance, accused of conspiring against an ally of the realm, namely the IA itself.

DECEASED: Horwyn – Member of the Iron Alliance. The late owner of the compound in the hills of ____ outside of Breggan. The first high ranking officer of the IA to be slain by the THS.

Vicoro – Lives in Kilvad, sent us on the quest to kill the Hag of Goodfish. Retired adventurer at The Fleeing Lamb in Kilvad who helped Paxton with a fake Arcanum permit.

King Wilfrom IV – ???

Prince Wilhelm – The king’s younger son, quite flamboyant and bored with most mundane things.

Prince Barnard – King Wilfrom’s younger brother; has a reputation for sadism and other nasty tendencies.

“Sister” – Mysterious figure that approached THS while camping, gave Paxton a clay coin to break if in danger(?)/need information/assistance. The coin was broken to get help freeing Lady Yeselda from the clutches of the Iron Alliance.

The Blue Wizard – a dwarven mage who works for the Arcanum, and seems to have taken an interest in the Treldor Historic Society.

Morfried – a human male historian (with a somewhat overinflated idea of his professional prominence) hired by the Arcanum to scavenge around Elderburg. Only survivor of his expedition, and would have become a snack for an aboleth were it not for the Society. Last seen trying to escape Elderburg.

Widow Clara Pools – Possibly “Lady Corruptress” as a pseudonym. The Hag of Goodfish, well, the late Hag of Goodfish.

Ingvar Pools – The first fisherman kill by the Hag in Goodfish. (DM: Minor NPC)

Marie Fisher – Daughter of Fiona (dec’d), the girl captive of the Hag, rescured by the party, but then kidnapped by the bearded monsters.

unknown – Hegrin’s mysterious female employer. Found inspecting artifacts that the party had recovered, seemingly looking for hidden messages. First sighted in Stormhaven, returned to a house in Stormhaven but was never found there again even after surveillance. House has an unexplored trap door and two townspeople and a child living there.

unknown – Leadership of the Fishermen’s Guild. Bud has met in person on Stormwind.

Directory of NPCs

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