Redemption War

October 3, 2015
Breggan Hills

Our adventurers set out toward Breggan Hills from Stormhaven along a common road in the cover of night.

After a few hours on the road, they come upon a lone woman of no signifigancewho appears to be ill equip for the road between Wheelrest and Morgan’s Crossing. The woman recommends camping till morning because the town gates are closed. They thank her and continue on.

As they get closer to Morgan’s Crossing they decided to make camp for the rest of the night about a mile from town.

As the camp sleeps the Tiefling, taking the first watch in the tree is distracted as bandits surround the sleeping group. Half the group is asleep as the battle begins nearly killing the elf, but was healed by the cleric. The group is victorious with Kalissa killing 4 bandits and 1 dog, Paxton killing 3 dogs, Sim killing 2 bandits, and Aetadius killing 2 bandits.

The bandits loot includes 2 days ration, 2,400 copper, 900 silver 180 silver each, 28 gold and 4 malachite.

While crossing the north road to Splintville the group is stopped by a very inquisitive dwarf from the Arcane Society. He learns that Paxton is not formerly trained in the arcanum and issues a formal note to no longer practice magic.

It is discovered that the script given to Paxton is magically warded in some way, but not clear what it will do. Some speculate it is tracking him and whether he uses magic and others think it will react when he uses magic.

There is then a very heated discussion between Kalissa and Kasglan over Kalissa being ok with a natural magic user in the world and it not ok for lessers.

The group is split on what should happen next, continue on and ignore the script or venture to the town of Kilvad to find a magic user who can forge an arcanum license.

The lessers and the dwarf choose not to go into the town in the middle of the day and camp out in the meadow in a ruined structure.

Kalissa and Paxton head to town and find a magic user, Vicoro in an inn called The Fleeing Lamb to convince him to help legalize Paxton. At first they fail to convince him. Vicoro tells them that the only way to make this happen is to kill a current apprentice and to re-ward his license, eventually they are able to persuade him with 500 gold. He tells them he needs 2 days.

Kalissa and Paxton meet back up with the group and explain what happened in the inn. The group agrees to continue on to Breggan to get more information only and then return back to Kilvad in 2 days.

Upon arriving in Breggan that is a total dump, logging town the group makes it way to The Full Chest Inn for the night.

The group spends the evening eavesdropping on conversations and buying copious amounts of ale. They learn that Horwin’s common law wife, Whip comes into town every 2 weeks for supplies with about a dozen men staying no more than a couple days. It’s been 2 days since they were last in town. The people in town are afraid of Horwin and his close association to the Iron Alliance. Howrin’s men have suffered several defeats in the badland battles which might explain why they hired the Dawn.

The group earns 50 experience for the information gathered in Breggan.

With this information Paxton and Kalissa head back to Kilvad to conclude their transaction while Kaslglan, Aetadius and Sim decide to see if they can pick up any tracks from when Whip’s party was last in town. Sim finds a path off the West road just outside of Breggan into the hills.

Paxton and Kalissa get into Kilvad and meetup with Vicoro and he knows about Paxton’s citation. He has a task he wants done first, but is hesitant based on their intentions. Paxton assures him he is just trying to save his life. It is discovered that Paxton’s citation is a tracker. Vicoro takes the citation, breaks the seal and breaks the curse, releasing Paxton from the curse.

Vicoro wants Paxton to right an old wrong to earn his 500 gold back after their current quest. He gives Paxton a fake permit, but is warned to never hand it over to anyone in the Arcanum as they will be able to detect it is false. 40 Experience gained.

The adventurers all meet back up in Breggan.

The group travels up the trail and comes upon a palisades up on a large hill. The decide to make camp off the trail and prepare for advancing on the palisades. 50 experience gained.

Session Concluded.

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