Redemption War

To Fort Deeprun and beyond
An errant knight and a lady in leather

The party reassembles at the cave entrance to the abandoned temple in the Katoran Hills, and plan their route to Fort Deeprun. It is decided to leave the wagon behind (but take its draft horse) to facilitate a cross-country trek to the river crossing a few days west of Breggan. (Aetadius is engaged in another bout of mandatory meditation and is unresponsive for the duration of the trip.) The trip goes uneventfully, but on the final approach to the ferry dock (from which the ferry is absent, being moored on the opposite bank) the party encounters a lone dwarf relieving himself by the side of the road. As he finishes and turns, he reveals he is wearing Iron Alliance garb. He takes in the party and gives them a knowing look before starting down the road in the direction from which the party came. Fearing that the dwarf is a point man for a larger force, Sim puts an arrow into him, and the party quickly finishes the job.

Noting with some relief that the ferryman does not appear to have noticed the altercation, the party strip the corpse, weight it, and dump it in the water. By the time this is completed, the ferryman has disappeared. Bud tries the rope-and-pully system that operates the ferry, but the boat itself is tied to the dock on the far bank and cannot be retrieved. There are shelters for passengers on either side of the river, and Kalissa settles down in the one on the near bank; Bud assumes the form of a remarkably robust freshwater crayfish and hides in the river, and the others withdraw to a nearby copse of trees. Thus, the party awaits the return of the ferryman.

It’s almost dusk before the ferryman returns to the far bank and starts the (as it turns out) lengthy process of bringing the boat across. While he is still midstream, the party is startled by the sound of approaching boots, whose owners are revealed to be an armored human on horseback and six armed dwarves on foot. Kalissa manages to slip away from the shelter without them noticing her.

From the short distance away, the party can tell that the newcomers had expected to find the lone dwarf here, and are concerned about his absence. The knight rides around a bit looking for signs and comes perilously close to the party’s hiding places, but in the deepening gloom he fails to notice them. When the ferryman arrives, Bud (still in crayfish form) manages to climb aboard the ferry and overhears the Iron Alliance troops quizzing the ferryman about their missing scout. After some deliberation, they decide to proceed across the river. Bud hitches a ride undetected.

On the far bank, the Iron Alliance troops refuse to pay for their passage, and march off up the road. After a short while, the ferryman follows before turning off behind some trees. Bud waits an hour before reverting to human form, untying the boat, and collecting the other party members.

The party camps a little way downriver from the crossing point, which works out as Sim can spot what is probably the Alliance patrol’s campfire some distance up the road.

In the morning, the party initially trails the patrol, with Bud in wolf form keeping tabs. Deciding that it might be best to reach Fort Deeprun before the patrol, the party bypasses then through the forest and reach Fort Deeprun with a lead of a third to half a day.

Fort Deeprun, it turns out, is not only a fort but a small walled city surrounding the fort. While keeping a wary eye out for any Iron Alliance presence, the party enter town and find lodgings, after which Kalissa and Paxton seek an audience with Lord Efferveld. They succeed and explain the party’s business to Lord Julius and his wife, Lady Yeselda. The latter takes Kalissa and Paxton to a library and has the rest of the party brought there as well.

Lady Yeselda informs the group that the Iron Alliance appears to be seeking a particular artefact which is thought to be hidden in the ruins of Elderburg. This is an ancient city in badlands to the south-west of Fort Deeprun, originally built by dwarves or possibly drow, with multiple subterranean levels. In the closing stages of the revolt that toppled the Corovian Empire, it was besieged by rebel forces, who are thought to have allied themselves with otherworldly powers. One of Emperor Clavis’ foremost generals, an elf named Florian, was killed leading an unsuccessful sortie and was buried beneath the temple of Lantira, a funeral which the emperor himself attended in spite of the risks. No maps of the city remain in existence, and the precise location of the temple is unknown, but the temple district is known to be on the city’s Fifth Level. It is believed that Florian was buried with a powerful artefact, and it is this that the Iron Alliance now seeks.

The party makes preparations to travel to Elderburg. Kasglan spends some time in the Effervelds’ library digging up information on hags and Elderburg, while Bud and Sim browse the market, finding what turns out to be Belt of Dwarvenkind (which goes to Paxton) and a sheaf of enchanted arrows. Meanwhile, Lady Yeselda privately informs Kalissa that she (Yeselda) will provide the party with assistance in exchange for the party eliminating the knight leading the Iron Alliance patrol.

Accordingly, the party puts the preparations for the expedition on hold while Bud, in wolf form, tracks the patrol. He returns at dawn the following day to report the patrol has left the road and is headed for Elderburg, and while he catches some much-needed sleep, the others prepare the pursuit. They set off a few hours after noon and catch up to the patrol on the edge of the badlands.

Kalissa manages to lure the knight into pursuing her into an ambush, while Bud slows the dwarves with an Entangle spell. The ambush does not go quite as planned, but the knight, caught without his support, is overpowered fairly swiftly. The dwarven troops, having allowed themselves to get strung out, are dealt with piecemeal.

As the party mops away their sweat and the few wounds they have incurred are healed, the session is brought to a close.

The Noble Thing To Do
One lead peters out but another springs up

Kalissa discovers her father’s purpose in putting her through charm school was to prepare her for imminent marriage. Not interested in being married off to some chinless wonder, she collects her possessions, leaves her parents a letter (saying, in so many words, “no way”) and sets off for the Katoran Hills. There, she finds the rest of the team holed up in the cavern leading to the abandoned temple. Paxton has been felled by a gastric condition that is beyond the others’ ability to remedy. Aetadius has concluded his devotions and is once again able to interact with others. Kasglan has just returned from a brief foray to Battlerock, a large Dwarven settlement a day or so west, to commission a harness of plate armor. Rumors are rife about disturbances, even civil unrest, in Stormhaven.

The Society confers about the next course of action, and decide to pursue the lead of the Warehouse Lady. Kalissa will scout the house, with the two Lessers as stealthy backup. Meanwhile, Kasglan and Bud (the latter in the guise of a wolfhound) go to pick up Kasglan’s new armor. While in Battlerock, they see a wagon convoy carrying building materials and heavily guarded by Iron Alliance personnel, and overhear that it is headed for some big construction project in the Breggan Hills.

Meanwhile in Stormhaven, Kalissa, using gentle but firm insistence, manages to get the family in the house to spill the beans: Warehouse Lady pays them to present an innocent front while using the house as an access point to the sewers. Kalissa gives them a purse of money and persuades them to find other lodgings for the present. Leaving Sim in a rooftop hide to keep watch on the house, Kalissa and Aetadius ride off to fetch the others.

Sim has terrible luck maintaining an overwatch, as he is repeatedly noticed and keeps having to move position. But when the rest of party arrives, Bud’s keen canine senses help track him down, and they all prepare to hunt down Warehouse Lady.

Following the sewer downstream, the group comes to a Y-junction, with growling and sniffing coming from the left tunnel. A short distance down it, they encounter Warehouse Lady’s massive bodyguard (a hill giant), who attacks on sight. Wielding an end of ship’s mast as a club, the giant clobbers Kasglan and Aetadius (the former’s shiny new armor notwithstanding), but is rapidly dispatched. At the end of the passage, a grating covers the sewer’s outflow into the harbor.

The other passage leads to a small chamber which appears to have been used as a semi-permanent teleportation site. The indications are, however, that Warehouse Lady has left Stormhaven shortly after Hegrin’s death and will probably not return anytime soon.

Just in case she does, though, Kalissa wants to relocate the family to Goodfish, writing a to-whom-it-may-concern letter asking the husband be found work. As part of this effort, Bud visits the Fishermen’s guildhouse to arrange passage, and learns of recent occurrences in town.

Following the party’s departure, Ingo Furtoes, their senior domestic, was detained by the local Iron Alliance. This led to escalating confrontations between the townsfolk and the IA which, despite the city watch’s efforts to maintain order, culminated in a full-scale riot in which the townsfolk sang Imperial-era songs, and retaliation by the Iron Alliance resulting in four dead, twelve wounded, and 28 arrests for inciting violence. At this point, the Baron intervened, demanding the IA’s justification for detaining Ingo. Having heard the Alliance’s claim that the THS raided their encampment in the Breggan Hills, his lordship ordered Ingo released until the Alliance could provide evidence to this effect. The 28 rioters, however, remain imprisoned in the cells beneath the Iron Alliance chapterhouse.

Kalissa, not having been identified as a “person of interest” by the Alliance, seeks an audience with the Baron to arrange a private meeting between him and the THS. This is arranged, and after some brainstorming about how much to divulge, the party is let discreetly into a side door and brought to the Baron’s study.

His lordship is amused rather than shocked at the presence of a tiefling and an elf in the group. He explains to the party that his goal in the immediate term is to maintain order in Stormhaven, and suggests that it would greatly help keep the party in his good books of they were to leave his fief at the earliest opportunity and sever any readily traceable ties to the city, i.e. by divesting themselves of any property in their name. However, he does not wish to set them adrift entirely, and tells them that Borum Brass, one of the visitors to the house the night of the first Alliance raid, represents a group calling itself the Shadow Council. This is a clandestine organization composed mostly of nobles who seek to sharply reduce the Iron Alliance’s power. If the party wishes to learn more, they should seek out Julius Efferveld VII, Lord of Deeprun.

The Society’s members take their leave, and Bud manages to quickly find a senior member of the Fishermen’s Guild willing to buy the house. (Since the warehouse is leased, the Alliance cannot readily identify it as belonging to the Society.) As the party prepares to leave town and ride west (collecting Paxton and the wagon along the way), the session is concluded.

Fight or Flight

Following Hegrin’s murder, the party continued their investigation of the house where the mysterious lady with the large bodyguard had come and gone. They found that it was inhabited by a couple with one child. A cancerous rat was also found creeping along the outer wall of the house.

Bud used his druidic power to talk to the rat. It was discovered that other rats were also getting sick, and that they frequented the tunnels beneath this house, which are also accessible from the rest of the drain tunnels of the city.

With Kalissa still away at Charm School, presumably to be prepared for marriage, and Aetadius having to observe a special holiday for his order of monks, the rest of the party decided not to pursue this any further at this time.

On their way back from investigating the house and talking to a rat, they were intercepted by Ingo, their halfling servant. Ingo warned them that a squad of Iron Alliance soldiers were camped at the Historic Society headquarters, presumably to “seek justice for Breggan”. The group decided to avoid conflict, and instead camp out in the rented warehouse across the street from their headquarters.

Eventually, the soldiers headed off towards the nearest inn. Shortly thereafter, a tall, slender gentleman, wearing a floppy hat, a cape and a sword at his side, appeared and knocked on their door. It turned out to be “Sil” the assassin, AKA the one that got away. He requested a duel with his target, Paxton Wolfrain, and declared his return at dawn.

Shortly afterwards, another visitor approached. Borum Brass declared that he had urgent business to discuss with the Historic Society, and left information on where he could be reached. The group decided not to follow up on this request.

Once the coast seemed clear, the party quickly packed up their belongings. Messages were left with the Tolvok family, offering a hint at their destination: the caves where they had previously found the sword Kalissa now wields. Aetadius joined the group, but still remained passive in observation of his monk holiday. On arrival, the party quickly got rid of a handful of bugbears which had taken residence in the outer chamber. The party is currently in hiding in this cave, deciding how to proceed…

The Death of a Patron
Downtime and devilish doings

Having returned to Stormhaven, the party are initially at somewhat of a loss what to do with themselves. Kalissa vanishes; the others speculate her father is forcing her to attend charm school. Kasglan continues his research into the hag transformation process but learns that more knowledge is simply not available in town, and must be acquired from the capital or further afield. Bud is summoned by the leadership of the Fishermen’s Guild and informed that there are rumors floating around that the Treldor Historical Society is a bit too chummy with Lessers and the Guild is concerned this may reflect back on them. Sim spends a couple of days first keeping an eye on the house where Hegrin’s mysterious female employer went after leaving the warehouse, but the house appears to be inhabited by a tradesman’s family. Subsequently, he tries to acquire a harness of elven mail in town, without luck, but while out and about notices a changed attitude of the people around him. Attempts at counter-surveillance by the party produce no evidence that Sim is being watched, but rather, that the Society is gaining a reputation (with one townswoman thanking them for “standing up to the Iron Alliance”).

While the members are discussing these things over dinner, a young girl comes to the door and claims to urgently require the Society’s help (“They’re going to kill my family!”) before running off. Kasglan and Paxton set off in immediate pursuit, while Bud, Sim, and Aetidius collect their gear while pondering whether this might be a trap. As it soon proves, it is a trap: Kasglan and Paxton are intercepted at a bridge some 300 yards from the house by two cloaked spearmen, while Bud and Sim notice another three similar figures charging the house.

A desperate battle ensues in which the spearmen are revealed to be bearded devils (barbazu) who attack with glaives and their poisonous beards. Paxton and Kasglan manage to kill their opponents and run back to the house, only to find Bud and Aetidius have been incapacitated by their foes, Sim and Fiona Fisher dead, and young Maria being hauled off by the surviving devils.

Paxton makes himself invisible and pursues, catching up in time to see the devils deliver Maria to the house of Hegrin’s employer (no sign of the regular family). The hulking bodyguard takes the girl inside and the devils leave. Paxton tries to peek in through the windows but can only see darkness.

Meanwhile, Kasglan hauls Sim’s corpse to the temple of Lantira across the canal, and spends most of Sim’s money to have him raised from the dead (accompanied by some bribery and threats to discourage too close an inspection of the corpse). Sim is successfully restored to life, but will need four days to recuperate. After dragging Sim home, Kasglan attends to Bud’s and Aetidius’ wounds and everyone, feeling rather the worse for wear, goes to bed.

At breakfast the following morning, the crew decide to confront Hegrin with the fact his employer has apparently ordered this raid. The actual confronting is left to Bud and Paxton, what with Sim needing to recuperate and Aetidius and Kasglan concerned they might escalate matters (given that they’ve both wanted to inflict grievous bodily harm on Hegrin in the not too distant past). Upon arrival at Hegrin’s house, however, Bud and Paxton find Hegrin stone dead at his desk, his mortal coil having been shuffled off by a dagger thrust to the heart. The pair conduct a swift search of the premises, gather all the loot they can carry including Hegrin’s journals, and return to base.

The journals indicate that Hegrin knew nothing about his employer and while he welcomed the extra income from directing the Society, he worried the rank and file might get out of line. To forewarn him of this, he infiltrated a halfling spy into the household as a servant. (Note: having been identified, said spy was taken on a fishing trip by Bud. As bait.)

It having taken almost an entire day to glean this information from Hegrin’s haphazardly written journals, the Society decide to have Hegrin raised from the dead (at his own expense) and to keep him on a tight leash. To this end, Bud and Paxton return to Hegrin’s house only to find the body gone. Shifting to wolf form, Bud leads the pair to an undertaker’s, where it emerges Hegrin has been cremated (with extraordinary speed) at the instructions of his (halfling) manservant, who is also the executor of his will.

With Hegrin’s body reduced to ashes (or perhaps secreted, but in any case, no longer available to the party) certain leads have withered. The party withdraws to consider its next move, which may involve moving the clubhouse.

The Hag and A Crumpled Letter

On the morning of the second day in Goodfish, some discussion with the innkeep and the master of the local fishermen’s guild revealed the existence of the “world famous” Goodfish Curse. For the past fifteen years, one young, healthy fisherman had died in bed every year. Ingvar Pools had been the first, prompting the Society to pay a visit to his widow. She was, however, not very forthcoming, not opening the door more than a crack. Something was off about the garden, with the vegetation being stunted, withered, or just plain dead. Some investigation and speculation led to a tentative conclusion that the soil was being poisoned from the house.

As a result, Aetidius (made invisible prior to the visit) gained access though an open window and scoped out the interior, discovering most of the house to be disused and the widow Pools nowhere to be found. Upon finding a trapdoor in the pantry floor, he let the rest of the party into the house. The trapdoor led to a small subterranean complex, including a cave containing a rowing boat with access to the sea. Following the passage led to another room where the party encountered a handful of lower planes denizens (two lemures, two imps, and a spiked devil) and despatched them without too much effort (though Sim, Aetidius, and Bud were hampered by a lack of weapons capable of harming the creatures.

Coming to a fork in the passage, the party went one way to find it ended in a room with a 12 year-old girl held to a stake with a magically enhanced chain. After quickly inspecting her and promising to return, the party backtracked and took the other fork, which in turn led to another junction. Following a passage brought the party to yet another room, this time occupied by the widow Pools, who immediately shifted to her true form and charged the party. After a brief battle, the hag was killed and her body crumbled to dust.

A search of the rest of the complex revealed an unholy shrine, where the hag evidently summoned the devils to serve her, and a midden concealed behind an illusion (as Aetidius discovered to his humiliation). The party also found a letter (attached). Having cleared the complex, the party recovered Marie, the girl, and brought her to the edge of town, then brought her mother out to meet her.

Kasglan had some misgivings about the girl’s ability to recover from the mental trauma caused by twelve years of captivity, and also feared there was some residual supernatural influence on her, so a solution was found by offering Fiona a job as the Society’s housekeeper and bringing both mother and daughter to Stormhaven.

So the following morning, the company set sail for home, with a brief detour via Kilvlad to report to Vicoro, who was satisfied with the result; enough so to pay the reward despite the lack of the hag’s head. Back in Stormhaven, various party members spent some of their earnings on better equipment, while Kasglan did some research on hags and made some disconcerting findings. Apparently, hags can transform a young human girl into another hag; the process starting at early puberty. By a tremendous stroke of luck, the sage Kasglan consulted was aware that the process, once started, could be reversed.

Thus endeth the session.

The crumpled letter found in the Hag’s room:

The Shrieking Shrimp

We pick up our story on the second day the adventures return to Breggan.

Day 2:
Kalissa returns with the The serpentine staff of silence as a gift from her father.

Day 3:
Faced with Kalissa’s displeasure at the fact that a) artifacts have been sold that should have been handed over to Hegrin, and b) that she was not cut a share of the loot, Kasglan begins by buying back all the artifacts at a lost of an additional 25gp per item on top of what was already paid out (out of his own pocket). Redistribution of the other spoils follows (Kalissa softens the blow by donating 80 gold to the house fund).

Kasglan also sells the wagon and horses captured from Horwin’s compound and buys a chest and lock that he nails to the bed of the party’s (other) wagon for transporting the artifacts.

Kasglan spends time examining the artifacts and finds the statuettes match the rug. All items are late Imperial Age. Nothing more is discernible by the Cleric.

Day 4:
Our adventurers head out from Breggan on their way to Kilvad taking about a half day to travel. Asking around they soon find Vicoro.

Kalissa gives Vicoro the rose quartz and then inquires about more work. Vicoro describes a regret from his youth. The regret was that he was asked 12 years ago by a beautiful woman to take a child, but turns out it was a horrible hag who took off with the child.

He explains that the hag is a shape shifter and was last seen in the town of Goodfish.

The adventurers have dinner with Vicoro to decide on whether to take the quest as a group.

Kasglan cast the Zone of Truth spell to determine if Vicoro is telling the truth. Vicoro was telling the truth about the child. They also discover the mothers name is Fiona and if possible to return the child if found.

Vicoro offers 500gp to bring back the head of the hag. The group decides to take the job.

Kasglan and Sim stick around the establishment and spends the night drinking. Kasglan is hit on by a woman, but because of his bumbling, she loses interest.

The group each recieves 75XP.

Day 5:
Our adventurers head out that morning toward Stormhaven, stopping in Morgan’s Crossing for the night. Kalissa and Aetadius stay in the wagon while the others go into the tavern.

While in the tavern, the mysterious woman from the woods appears with a bag of 300 gold and thanks us for taking out the bandits.

She grants the group a time to ask her questions.

Paxton asks her name and she responds that it’s too complicated for our understanding. He follows up with how do people address her and she responds with “Sister”.

Kasglan asks about the importance of the letters. She responds with that the letters themselves mean nothing, but may contain clues to other treasures or adventures.

Paxton asks how she was able to find them and she responds with, “it’s easy when you can see across dimensions”.

Paxton asks if she means us any ill will and she responds, " if I wanted to harm you, it would have been done".

She thanks us again for taking on the Iron Alliance and a warning that releasing the innocent may come back to haunt us.

Paxton asks if it’s possible to ask her for information or assistance. She gives a clay coin and says to break the coin, but didn’t clarify what happens if that happens.

Paxton ask what dimension/plane she is from and she answer that she is from the outer plane.

She concludes the questions and leaves through a bright blue portal outside.

Kalissa sees the portal from the wagon and leaves to go in to the tavern to speak with the other party members. The others fill her in on the conversation with “Sister”.

120XP for that encounter

Day 6:
Our adventures have an uneventful travel to Stormhaven.

Day 7:
Hegrin arrives during breakfast and is quite annoyed and displays a letter sent by Kalissa that outlines the sell of the artifacts. As a penalty, Hegrin is fining the group 2000gp. Kasglan angrily engages him and Hegrin is annoyed and raised the penalty to 2500gp. After some conversation with Kalissa, he lowers it back down to 2000gp.

Hegrin wants his money in 3 days. Kalissa tries to persuade him to extend it, but he is unrelenting.

Paxton follows him out and continues to persuade him for more time. Hegrin can’t give more time, so he lowers it to 1500gp.

Hegrin explains why we are collecting artifacts. He says he works for an unknown noble woman who arrives at night with a bodygaurd to inspect the artifacts after we return.

Kalissa wants to ask her father for a loan and if he says no, then the group decides how loyal they want to continue to be to the Historical Society.

Kasglan comes up with the idea to offer up 100 of the foreign gold pieces to appeal to him as a collector. Paxton modifies that idea, and suggests selling selected local antique coins to coin collectors, which fetches ~1250 gold. Paxton manages to talk Hegrin into accepting this sum while Kalissa distracts Kasglan by taking him out drinking.

The same night, the team places Aetidius and Sim into staking out the warehouse to identify Hegrin’s mysterious patron. When she appears, she appears to be an affluent human female in her sixties, accompanied by a huge (7’+) bodyguard who is most likely not human. She takes a few hours to inspect the newly recovered artifacts before exclaiming in Elvish that none of the items are what she’s looking for, and she and her bodyguard leave. Sim manages to follow her to a house within Stormhaven (noted on the map). Sim goes up to the house to peer in the window and sees nothing of note.

Day 8:
The next day, Kalissa meets with her parents only to discover that no noble lives in that house or that neither is even familiar with the woman described.

The group decided to table this investigation, but enlist one of the house halflings to keep an eye on the house.

Kasglan negotiates a charter boat to Goodfish for 50gp. The 2-day boat ride is uneventful.

Day 11:
The group arrives in a pitiful looking Goodfish. Arriving in such a small town attracts the attention of the townsfolk. Coming off the boat, Kalissa comes off first and distracts the townsfolk by handing out copper.

Paxton uses invisibility to hide the lessers and is shaken down by the boat captain for more money to keep quite about the lessers. Paxton pays 5gp with the promise for 5 more if he waits.

The group makes their way to the Shrieking Shrimp Inn. Sim and Aetadius scout the rest of the town. Aetadius discovers a house that stands out from the others. No vegetation has grown on the property.

While in the bar, Kalissa strikes up a conversation with Fiona, the parent of the abducted child. She shares her story. Kalissa offers to help.

As the evening progresses, a Garon Glumm visits the table asking why the group is in town. Kalissa explains that she has come into land and looking for young land hands. It is discovered that Garon is the local historian. Kalissa inquires about the run down home and Garon explains that the house belongs to the widow of a town’s fisherman, Clara Pools. Clara lost her husband 15 years ago.

Game is concluded.


At the base of the Palisades our adventurers survey their options to get to the top of the plateau. They’ve decided to use Paxton’s invisibility spell on Aetadius and Sim who will do a recon trip to the palisades.

Aetadius scouts the parameter and discover a small opening along the backside of the wall, as well as a highly rotted section with very wet and soft ground.

Sim checks the main gate and discovers it is partly opened and that no one is currently in the watch tower.

Once inside the compound, Sim searches the barn and finds it’s been used as a junk/trash building with nothing of note inside.

Aetadius circles the long house checking in the windows and counts up to 8 men inside.

Sim discovers a prisoner cell dug into the ground with two woman and a man in the hole. Sim opens the cell and tells them to run. The two woman bolt for the gate while the man stays in the cell. The woman are spotted running by a guard exiting the building to piss and sounds the alarm.

Eight men come out and decide not to pursue the women and decide to kill the man still in the cell. A guard suspected to be in the watch tower is beaten and placed in the cell.

Aetadius and Sim make it back to camp and report what they find.

After seeing the woman leaving the compound, Bud decides to pursue them and catches up with the woman. He begins to question them and discovers they were traveling with a caravan that included a half elf, who was the man killed in the cell. They give information of the compound and Bud learns that a party is late to return. At one point there used to be 30, but now there is less than 20 currently at the camp. Due to the distance of the next town, Bud invites the woman back to camp.

The adventurers decide to wait till night and send Aetadius back to the compound invisible where he enters the long house. He finds 14 men, 1 woman and a dog. There is also a locked room off the master bedroom where they suspect the artifact is located. Upon a successful recon, Aetadius makes his way back to camp.

Bud continues to questions the woman and discovers that the caravan had a group of performers, a poet (the dead half elf) and merchants. All killed by the so called Iron Alliance. There are 3 halfings in the compound. Likely in the stable as that was the only building not checked.

The adventurers decide to wait till the next night and head back to the compound. Aetadius will scale the long house to the roof and drop a rope. Aetadius will then cast silence, then Kasglan will break through the roof to enter the locked room.

The plan is initially successful and Aetidius, Kasglan, and Sim manage to break into Horwin’s treasury. However, when Kasglan attempts to force the lock on a cabinet, he sets off an alarm which brings Horwin into the room. A pitched brawl erupts, in which Horwin is deprived of reinforcements initially due to being unable to alert his cohorts because of the magical silence, then because Sim has managed to slip past him and bar the door to the master bedroom. At some point, though, “the Whip” (Horwin’s woman) and several thugs start pounding on the doors and wall, while others stream around the house into the backyard. Having killed Horwin, Aetidius and Kasglan drop back down to engage the thugs in the yard, while Sim climbs the roof and shoots arrows. When the goons outside are all dispatched, the crew re-enter the house, climb the stairs and take the Whip and her men from behind (with Bud and Sim making dramatic dynamic entries through the windows).

When the dust has settled, the party goes through the treasury, recovering several thousand coins, a handful of gems, a potion of superior healing, a feather token of the whip, and some non-magical relics: a pair of matching statuettes, a pair of matching vases, a rug, and a gold clasp, as well as a sheaf of letters dating from shortly prior to the collapse of the Corovian empire, speculating on the causes of recurring peasant revolts.

Insufficiently aware of Society policies, Kasglan sells the objets d’art when the team gets back to town.


October 3, 2015
Breggan Hills

Our adventurers set out toward Breggan Hills from Stormhaven along a common road in the cover of night.

After a few hours on the road, they come upon a lone woman of no signifigancewho appears to be ill equip for the road between Wheelrest and Morgan’s Crossing. The woman recommends camping till morning because the town gates are closed. They thank her and continue on.

As they get closer to Morgan’s Crossing they decided to make camp for the rest of the night about a mile from town.

As the camp sleeps the Tiefling, taking the first watch in the tree is distracted as bandits surround the sleeping group. Half the group is asleep as the battle begins nearly killing the elf, but was healed by the cleric. The group is victorious with Kalissa killing 4 bandits and 1 dog, Paxton killing 3 dogs, Sim killing 2 bandits, and Aetadius killing 2 bandits.

The bandits loot includes 2 days ration, 2,400 copper, 900 silver 180 silver each, 28 gold and 4 malachite.

While crossing the north road to Splintville the group is stopped by a very inquisitive dwarf from the Arcane Society. He learns that Paxton is not formerly trained in the arcanum and issues a formal note to no longer practice magic.

It is discovered that the script given to Paxton is magically warded in some way, but not clear what it will do. Some speculate it is tracking him and whether he uses magic and others think it will react when he uses magic.

There is then a very heated discussion between Kalissa and Kasglan over Kalissa being ok with a natural magic user in the world and it not ok for lessers.

The group is split on what should happen next, continue on and ignore the script or venture to the town of Kilvad to find a magic user who can forge an arcanum license.

The lessers and the dwarf choose not to go into the town in the middle of the day and camp out in the meadow in a ruined structure.

Kalissa and Paxton head to town and find a magic user, Vicoro in an inn called The Fleeing Lamb to convince him to help legalize Paxton. At first they fail to convince him. Vicoro tells them that the only way to make this happen is to kill a current apprentice and to re-ward his license, eventually they are able to persuade him with 500 gold. He tells them he needs 2 days.

Kalissa and Paxton meet back up with the group and explain what happened in the inn. The group agrees to continue on to Breggan to get more information only and then return back to Kilvad in 2 days.

Upon arriving in Breggan that is a total dump, logging town the group makes it way to The Full Chest Inn for the night.

The group spends the evening eavesdropping on conversations and buying copious amounts of ale. They learn that Horwin’s common law wife, Whip comes into town every 2 weeks for supplies with about a dozen men staying no more than a couple days. It’s been 2 days since they were last in town. The people in town are afraid of Horwin and his close association to the Iron Alliance. Howrin’s men have suffered several defeats in the badland battles which might explain why they hired the Dawn.

The group earns 50 experience for the information gathered in Breggan.

With this information Paxton and Kalissa head back to Kilvad to conclude their transaction while Kaslglan, Aetadius and Sim decide to see if they can pick up any tracks from when Whip’s party was last in town. Sim finds a path off the West road just outside of Breggan into the hills.

Paxton and Kalissa get into Kilvad and meetup with Vicoro and he knows about Paxton’s citation. He has a task he wants done first, but is hesitant based on their intentions. Paxton assures him he is just trying to save his life. It is discovered that Paxton’s citation is a tracker. Vicoro takes the citation, breaks the seal and breaks the curse, releasing Paxton from the curse.

Vicoro wants Paxton to right an old wrong to earn his 500 gold back after their current quest. He gives Paxton a fake permit, but is warned to never hand it over to anyone in the Arcanum as they will be able to detect it is false. 40 Experience gained.

The adventurers all meet back up in Breggan.

The group travels up the trail and comes upon a palisades up on a large hill. The decide to make camp off the trail and prepare for advancing on the palisades. 50 experience gained.

Session Concluded.

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