Ingo Furtoes

Former servant of the Treldor Historic Society, now one of the leaders of the uprising.


Ingo is a halfling with sandy brown hair, even on his feet, and an easygoing demeanor. Despite his short stature, Ingo commands respect around him when he speaks. This charisma is what first led him to be head of household for the Treldor Historic Society, and it is this same trait that has made him the leader, he is today.


Ingo was born after the Cleansing, and so has no memory of a time before it. However, from studies and lore, he has learned much about the time before the enslavement of his race. It was the fellowship of the THS, however, and their kindness towards Lessers, which lit a fire under Ingo, and when the THS gave him his freedom, he decided not to waste it.

Inspired by his former masters, Ingo began telling others of their adventures, and soon attracted an audience. In time, this audience grew bigger, and Ingo now commands an organization of hundreds.

Ingo is based in Stormhaven.

Ingo Furtoes

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