General Florian

The hero of Elderburg


Florian was a high elf, tall and slender, with long silver hair kept in a braid down his back, the way the Dwarves are known to do. He is said to have worn a light plate mail, made from Elven steel, as he fought on the front lines at Elderburg. Though he died in the fight, and the city fell, loyalists still consider Florian one of the greatest champions in the history of the Corivian empire.


The general was a tough soldier, and one of the last emperor’s groomsmen, so the stories go. The general proved loyal until the end. In the final battle of Elderburg, Florian’s forces fought so hard, the rebel army supposedly made a pact with otherworldly horrors to win the battle – but Elderburg was still lost in the process.

It is said that the Emperor Clavis was so devastated to hear of his friend’s passing, that he teleported to Elderburg to oversee the burial of Florian himself, despite the fact that the city was still under siege. It is speculated, that the emperor placed an important artifact in the tomb with the general, in Elderburg’s old temple of Lantira.

General Florian

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