Redemption War

The story of Morefreet Evantoller

In addition to my time as a historian, I host freelance expeditions to interesting places. Most recently, the Arcanum hired me to check out Elderburg – they wanted information about a cube. My team made it quite far before an ambush left me in dire straits.

I was rescued by the members of the Treldor Historical Society, who openly discussed my death for this freelance work. They chose instead my liberty, and after making my report to the Iron Alliance, I found myself free of associates and contracts.

I must confess I was impressed by the degree of compassion shown by this simple band, and wanted to know more about their fight against injustice. I traveled to Stormhaven, where research led me to Ingo Furtoes. After some reasonable caution, he opened up and told me more about this Treldor group. I also found out more about his current operations – 300 militia trained underground for an upcoming battle, an all-out race war.

To fill in more background for that story, I traveled east to the Ruins of Waerg. I learned much as I followed the various ghosts on their rounds, especially that this was a major site of the cleansing. Will it be the rallying point for the upcoming battle? Perhaps the members of the Treldor Historical Society, newly arrived in town, will know more?


theprint ThomD

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