Redemption War

The Noble Thing To Do

One lead peters out but another springs up

Kalissa discovers her father’s purpose in putting her through charm school was to prepare her for imminent marriage. Not interested in being married off to some chinless wonder, she collects her possessions, leaves her parents a letter (saying, in so many words, “no way”) and sets off for the Katoran Hills. There, she finds the rest of the team holed up in the cavern leading to the abandoned temple. Paxton has been felled by a gastric condition that is beyond the others’ ability to remedy. Aetadius has concluded his devotions and is once again able to interact with others. Kasglan has just returned from a brief foray to Battlerock, a large Dwarven settlement a day or so west, to commission a harness of plate armor. Rumors are rife about disturbances, even civil unrest, in Stormhaven.

The Society confers about the next course of action, and decide to pursue the lead of the Warehouse Lady. Kalissa will scout the house, with the two Lessers as stealthy backup. Meanwhile, Kasglan and Bud (the latter in the guise of a wolfhound) go to pick up Kasglan’s new armor. While in Battlerock, they see a wagon convoy carrying building materials and heavily guarded by Iron Alliance personnel, and overhear that it is headed for some big construction project in the Breggan Hills.

Meanwhile in Stormhaven, Kalissa, using gentle but firm insistence, manages to get the family in the house to spill the beans: Warehouse Lady pays them to present an innocent front while using the house as an access point to the sewers. Kalissa gives them a purse of money and persuades them to find other lodgings for the present. Leaving Sim in a rooftop hide to keep watch on the house, Kalissa and Aetadius ride off to fetch the others.

Sim has terrible luck maintaining an overwatch, as he is repeatedly noticed and keeps having to move position. But when the rest of party arrives, Bud’s keen canine senses help track him down, and they all prepare to hunt down Warehouse Lady.

Following the sewer downstream, the group comes to a Y-junction, with growling and sniffing coming from the left tunnel. A short distance down it, they encounter Warehouse Lady’s massive bodyguard (a hill giant), who attacks on sight. Wielding an end of ship’s mast as a club, the giant clobbers Kasglan and Aetadius (the former’s shiny new armor notwithstanding), but is rapidly dispatched. At the end of the passage, a grating covers the sewer’s outflow into the harbor.

The other passage leads to a small chamber which appears to have been used as a semi-permanent teleportation site. The indications are, however, that Warehouse Lady has left Stormhaven shortly after Hegrin’s death and will probably not return anytime soon.

Just in case she does, though, Kalissa wants to relocate the family to Goodfish, writing a to-whom-it-may-concern letter asking the husband be found work. As part of this effort, Bud visits the Fishermen’s guildhouse to arrange passage, and learns of recent occurrences in town.

Following the party’s departure, Ingo Furtoes, their senior domestic, was detained by the local Iron Alliance. This led to escalating confrontations between the townsfolk and the IA which, despite the city watch’s efforts to maintain order, culminated in a full-scale riot in which the townsfolk sang Imperial-era songs, and retaliation by the Iron Alliance resulting in four dead, twelve wounded, and 28 arrests for inciting violence. At this point, the Baron intervened, demanding the IA’s justification for detaining Ingo. Having heard the Alliance’s claim that the THS raided their encampment in the Breggan Hills, his lordship ordered Ingo released until the Alliance could provide evidence to this effect. The 28 rioters, however, remain imprisoned in the cells beneath the Iron Alliance chapterhouse.

Kalissa, not having been identified as a “person of interest” by the Alliance, seeks an audience with the Baron to arrange a private meeting between him and the THS. This is arranged, and after some brainstorming about how much to divulge, the party is let discreetly into a side door and brought to the Baron’s study.

His lordship is amused rather than shocked at the presence of a tiefling and an elf in the group. He explains to the party that his goal in the immediate term is to maintain order in Stormhaven, and suggests that it would greatly help keep the party in his good books of they were to leave his fief at the earliest opportunity and sever any readily traceable ties to the city, i.e. by divesting themselves of any property in their name. However, he does not wish to set them adrift entirely, and tells them that Borum Brass, one of the visitors to the house the night of the first Alliance raid, represents a group calling itself the Shadow Council. This is a clandestine organization composed mostly of nobles who seek to sharply reduce the Iron Alliance’s power. If the party wishes to learn more, they should seek out Julius Efferveld VII, Lord of Deeprun.

The Society’s members take their leave, and Bud manages to quickly find a senior member of the Fishermen’s Guild willing to buy the house. (Since the warehouse is leased, the Alliance cannot readily identify it as belonging to the Society.) As the party prepares to leave town and ride west (collecting Paxton and the wagon along the way), the session is concluded.


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