Redemption War

The Hag and A Crumpled Letter

On the morning of the second day in Goodfish, some discussion with the innkeep and the master of the local fishermen’s guild revealed the existence of the “world famous” Goodfish Curse. For the past fifteen years, one young, healthy fisherman had died in bed every year. Ingvar Pools had been the first, prompting the Society to pay a visit to his widow. She was, however, not very forthcoming, not opening the door more than a crack. Something was off about the garden, with the vegetation being stunted, withered, or just plain dead. Some investigation and speculation led to a tentative conclusion that the soil was being poisoned from the house.

As a result, Aetidius (made invisible prior to the visit) gained access though an open window and scoped out the interior, discovering most of the house to be disused and the widow Pools nowhere to be found. Upon finding a trapdoor in the pantry floor, he let the rest of the party into the house. The trapdoor led to a small subterranean complex, including a cave containing a rowing boat with access to the sea. Following the passage led to another room where the party encountered a handful of lower planes denizens (two lemures, two imps, and a spiked devil) and despatched them without too much effort (though Sim, Aetidius, and Bud were hampered by a lack of weapons capable of harming the creatures.

Coming to a fork in the passage, the party went one way to find it ended in a room with a 12 year-old girl held to a stake with a magically enhanced chain. After quickly inspecting her and promising to return, the party backtracked and took the other fork, which in turn led to another junction. Following a passage brought the party to yet another room, this time occupied by the widow Pools, who immediately shifted to her true form and charged the party. After a brief battle, the hag was killed and her body crumbled to dust.

A search of the rest of the complex revealed an unholy shrine, where the hag evidently summoned the devils to serve her, and a midden concealed behind an illusion (as Aetidius discovered to his humiliation). The party also found a letter (attached). Having cleared the complex, the party recovered Marie, the girl, and brought her to the edge of town, then brought her mother out to meet her.

Kasglan had some misgivings about the girl’s ability to recover from the mental trauma caused by twelve years of captivity, and also feared there was some residual supernatural influence on her, so a solution was found by offering Fiona a job as the Society’s housekeeper and bringing both mother and daughter to Stormhaven.

So the following morning, the company set sail for home, with a brief detour via Kilvlad to report to Vicoro, who was satisfied with the result; enough so to pay the reward despite the lack of the hag’s head. Back in Stormhaven, various party members spent some of their earnings on better equipment, while Kasglan did some research on hags and made some disconcerting findings. Apparently, hags can transform a young human girl into another hag; the process starting at early puberty. By a tremendous stroke of luck, the sage Kasglan consulted was aware that the process, once started, could be reversed.

Thus endeth the session.

The crumpled letter found in the Hag’s room:


theprint jurjen

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