Redemption War

I can wait all knight

Some loose ends are tied up

Having dealt with the Iron Alliance patrol, the party returns to Fort Deeprun, where Kalissa commissions modifications to her armor that will take a few days to complete. While she is waiting, Bud and Aetadius go for a jaunt upstream along the Deeprun and soon chance upon the encampment of a lone elf. Reasonably certain they have found Sil, the self-styled elven assassin and “the one who got away,” they return to town, collect everyone except Kalissa, and set off in pursuit. As they catch up with the lone elf, Aetadius takes to the trees, Paxton turns himself invisible, and Bud assumes wolf form, leaving Sim and Kasglan to approach and speak with the elf, who does, indeed, turn out to be Sil. After some discussion (in Elvish) during which Sim and Kasglan unsuccessfully attempt to get Sil to reveal some information about his employer(s), the situation devolves into a fight. Sil proves an extremely dangerous opponent but is ultimately bested. And thus is there is one fewer high elf left in the world.

The party decides to establish an emergency cache in the badlands a day’s ride short of Elderburg, which takes the better part of a week. Upon the party’s return to Fort Deeprun, Kalissa convinces the crew to wait a few days more while she awaits news.

In the meantime, Aetadius pursues a lead on another tiefling who is supposed to be in town, and manages to find him. The fellow has fallen on hard times and Aetadius manages to help him back on his feet, thereby presumably gaining positive karma or somesuch.

After a few days, the news Kalissa has been waiting for arrives: her personal sigil has been approved and she is now officially a knight of the realm in (more or less) her own right. The following day, the Society sets out for Elderburg.

Reaching the city without major incident, they find it much smaller than expected. Picking their way through the ruins, they manage to find a large ramp to the first subterranean level. Descending to this level, there is no readily identifiable route to the next level, so they hide their mounts in an abandoned building (with a supply of water and oats) and make their way down a major street. While they are exploring, there are apparent whispers on the wind cautioning them to turn back, and the rearguard spots a ghostly apparition of an elven warrior following them, though it sinks through the ground when they notice it. Sim suspects the area is crawling with undead, and while there are no hostile encounters, there are other hazards from collapsing buildings and bits of ceiling, and their choices are constrained so that ultimately, the only way they can go brings them to a treacherous-looking rope bridge.

As the party ponders how to safely cross it, the session is brought to a close.


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