Redemption War

A low rumble


The society headed south across the foothills of the Emperor’s Nose in search of The Temples, one of the factions that set out to Goodfish to help the society but never arrived. They were awaken from sleep by a patrol of Iron Alliance but quickly dispatching the patrol save for one. After questioning the patrol it seems they or one of the Iron Alliance patrols were potentially responsible for ending the lives of The Temples.

The society decided to head back to Goodfish and on the way back they felt a low rumble, almost as if the earth deep beneath them was giving way. Alert the group continued on their way. As they made their way back to Goodfish they came across some tracks that seemed to be headed towards the general location of the key. The tacks seem to fade away. The group continued. Upon arriving in Goodfish and sharing what they learned the society decided it was time to retrieve the key.

With that the party set out to sea and once to the area they safely hid the key they dived down to the sea floor to locate it, but it was not without its own challenges. A school of zombie sharks attacked the group and seemed to be guarding the waters from anyone from going in. After fending off the sharks the key was recovered.


theprint nickfinck

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