Western Tribes

West of the 5 Kingdoms lie the untamed wilds where the Western Tribes roam. This region is home to several nations, dominated by strange and wildly different races, from barbaric orcs and temperamental giants to strange monstrosities, and even dragons. And with these, one might also find untold riches, powerful magic, and danger.

Several Corovian emperors tried to conquer the west, and in the end, it was this relentless crusade that caused the old empire to crumble. Since then, the newly formed kingdoms have been more focused on protecting their lands than expanding them.

It is rumored that several high ranking Tieflings, High Elves and Dragonborn fled into these lands during The Cleansing, but even if the rumors are true, no one knows what happened to them there.

Scholars debate the influence of even the gods in these lands, though studies do show that at least some of the same gods are recognized even in these uncivilized lands, though they go by different names there.

Western Tribes

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