Derogatory classification for races that are considered less pure and important than Humans and Dwarves, even a threat to order and society itself. The term comes from the days of The Cleansing, and is still widely used in curses, insults and scary bedtime stories throughout the 5 Kingdoms.

Lesser Races

  • Elves
  • Tiefling
  • Dragonborn (believed extinct)
  • Gnomes
  • Halflings

Lessers can be owned and traded as property without penalty. They do not hold any rights, except the same that govern someone’s horse. Similarly, unclaimed Lessers may be caught and documented as property. The exception to this is any Lesser who is considered dangerous. These are typically disposed of.

Gnomes and Halflings are tolerated to the extent, that they serve as servant staff for the wealthy. They are not allowed to hold guild positions, or to own or rent real estate, however. In some parts of the 5 Kingdoms, an owner of a Lesser can be held responsible for any crime committed by that Lesser. This leads to very cruel conditions, as the Lessers are kept in constant confinement and in chains. The further south you travel, the harsher the treatment of Lessers is.

Related, and considered Lessers no matter which race they are, are those who practice magic without either arcane study or divine influence. Natural casters, and those who draw powers from mystical planes, are considered dangerous and a threat to society in the same way that Elves and Dragonborn are.


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