Artifact Hunters

Throughout the 5 Kingdoms, there are people seeking to make fame and fortune by hunting for old artifacts. Particularly popular, are those tied to the old Corovian empire, and the forbidden ones, depicting ties to natural magic and powerful Lessers.

The artifacts are typically sought by private collectors. Some are motivated by history, keeping these items as trophies, or reminders of what once was. Others use them for more sinister purposes.

Trade in these artifacts happens exclusively on the grey market. Hunting for them is not against any laws, but possessing historic artifacts could be seen as curious at best, treasonous at worst.

Some might argue that The Treldor Historic Society is one such group of Artifact Hunters. They would not be the only ones banding together under a common name. Other such groups include The Dawn and The Emerald Shield. However, for the Historic Society, it is said that their interest is strictly of an archival nature.

Artifact Hunters

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