A council of high mages whose purpose is to guard and regulate the access to arcane magic. They run academies and provide battle mages and advisors to the courts and temples, thereby securing allies. They also swiftly deal with any organization or rogue element, seeking to use magic against the will of The Arcanum.

The organization is the home of the most powerful wizards, but since the Cleansing, they have chosen to be largely non-political, providing their services to all rulers – even pitting their own mages against each other, supporting different warring factions.

They are headquartered in their own city independent state, in the Dead Forest, and have their own highly trained elite troops (interested parties can rent a cadre of battle mages, too). The Arcanum is also part of nearly every conspiracy theory on the continent.

Internally, they are divided into 3 different Towers, or schools of magic. They are so named, because they each have their own tower in the Arcanum city. Each Tower has its own color and variation of the Arcanum sigil. The colors are: Blue, Gold, and White.

Sigil: A triangle, divided into four smaller triangles. The center is black, the top represents the Tower of the wizard wearing it, and the two bottom triangles match the other two Towers.


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