Yoren Theomark

Baron Theomark rules the lands surrounding Stormhaven.


He frame is slight, and he is soft-spoken, but his temper can flare in an instant. He dresses in reds, black and purple, and likes to wear a gold pin on his chest, displaying an anchor wrapped in rose vines, the Theomark crest.


House Theomark has ruled these lands since the earliest days of the kingdom. They are known as friendly and accepting of outsiders, which they consider good for trade. Some might say, they are too friendly towards Lessers, naming House Theomark’s disinterest in participating actively in The Cleansing. Yoren Theomark puts his heritage and home first, but is at least sympathetic to the Shadow Council, and has been known to stand up to the Iron Alliance.

Yoren Theomark

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