The Mystery Lady

A dark-clad lady, usually seen in the company of a hulking bodyguard, and is known as the person Hegrin answered to.


Wearing black dresses and wide-brimmed hats, this thinly built lady carries herself with an always straight posture. The quality of her clothes, guard and behavior may indicate noble ties.

Observed to speak Elvish when (she thinks) there’s nobody to hear. — KC


Not much is known about this lady. She prefers to dress in black, she has a large guard, and she has been known to come and go in Stormhaven, using a house in Church Street as her entrance.

The mystery lady is also known to inspect the artifacts brought back by the Historic Society, being the one Hegrin answered to. Through investigation, the heroes have learned that she may be looking for a specific artifact, given her dismissive nature towards what they have found thus far.

Suspected member of the Sisters
Designate “Warehouse Lady” to distinguish from other mystery women— KC

The Mystery Lady

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